Karl J. Mayerhofer


Karl J. Mayerhofer

Mayerhofer was born December 21st 1957 in Vienna - Ottakring and he has been painting since his childhood. With 14 years of age, he wins the ORF (austrian radio and TV broadcasting Company) youth price and goes to the "Hoehere Graphische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt" (Graphical College) in Vienna, specializing in "Siebdruck". 1984 he moves with his family to the poet town Kirchstetten, where he, after a few years of intermission, starts to paint again . He is trying out two different lines of paintings: the water colors and Indian ink. 1991 he had his first exhibition. Mayerhofer has a multifarious, creative fantasy and a very rich world of inner feelings, which he tries to interpret in paintings and words. He is expressing his fantasy in pictures, blending in from different motives which the observer shall be carried in these inner worlds, supported through a special sort of coloring. Mayerhofer accumulates pictures of human beings, especially female, animals as well as scenery’s and scenery details illustrations with this fantasy, let’s free his speculations, sometimes to expose aesthetics. Some sort of hope, lost yearning, only partly overcome fear, expresses itself to soul uniting themes in these scenery’s, as well as in portraits and nature. Obviously his own painful experiences are projected in these pictures and puts a shine on foreground impersonation.

Dr. Siegfrid Nasko, Municipal Cultural Councilor, St. Poelten, Lower Austria

Karl J. Mayerhofer, who was born 1957 in Vienna, Ottakring, is in the work of art engaged society well known. In the last years he had exhibitions in Vienna, St. Poelten, Salzburg, Innsbruck and Klagenfurt. He also represented his pieces in Bayern and South Tyrol. For Karl J. Mayerhofer is his expressiveness very important, that’s how scenery’s arise one upon another, blending in from different motives. Distance will get closer, put one upon another or a special detail will be brought out. Mayerhofer’s pictures are no careless impressions: Always and everywhere are shown the change of said and unsaid, to be and not to be, real and unreal and peace and uproar. Inner and outer worlds collide. Consciousness and unconsciousness overlap constantly. Penetrate and complete each other in a fantastic, graceful togetherness.

Dr. Maria Obrist-Perin, Cultural Councilor, Kaltern-South Tyrol

Karl J. Mayerhofer is member of "Berufsbildenden Künstler Österreich – Steiermark".
He has founded the connection of artists "kulturkreiskirchstetten"